The DAS-Parent Support Group (PSG) was formed to provide support for parents of the students at DAS. It aims to organise inspirational sharing sessions by successful dyslexics,fun-filled activities just for DAS Students, their parents and even for the whole family. Be part of the PSG.




Be more engaged
As a PSG member you are more likely to be an informed and involved parent. You will also be building rapport with educators and supporting DAS's initiatives.



Be part of a network
We understand that parenting a child with learning differences is challenging. The PSG provides a platform for you to share ideas, concerns and experiences with other parents.



Increase your growth
Gain valuable experiences and grasp new opportunities, to support your child more effectively.



Make a difference
Provide DAS with feedback to make positive recommendations for change in our organisation.



Be a role model
By becoming a PSG member, you will demonstrate the importance you place on education and enhance your bond with your child.



There are PSG meetings held and parents will be informed through the monthly Parents' Newsletter and through the PSG Facebook group.


If you would like to join the PSG, please contact Chris Chia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Visit the PSG Facebook group at