DAS receives numerous feedback from parents and students regularly. Here are some highlights for our programmes.

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We are grateful to parents for trusting us with your child's education.

*names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of students.


MOE-Aided DAS Literacy Programme (MAP)



Evan got 220 for his PSLE. He got 'A' for Engish and Science, and 'B' for Maths! We are pleasantly surprised since his prelim results wasn't satisfactory. We attribute his success to all his teachers, tutors and DAS. The classes at DAS have built up his confidence. Thank you once again!
- Mrs Peh
Parent of Evan Peh

Our son was awarded Best in Progress in English Language in his cohort at school. he would not have achieved this without the help from his teacher at DAS. We celebrate his humble success. Thank you.
- Parent
Student of Mathana 

Dear Tutors, my name is Mrs Christina Muru. I am Julian Tung's English Teacher at Riverside Primary School. Let me extend my deepest gratitude for all the hard work and heart-work that you have been doing to help Julian. His good results are kudos to your dedication. Of course, in all of this, Mummy must not be forgotten. She has truly been a good soldier and carried on tirelessly.
- Mrs Christina Muru
English Teacher of Julian Tung, Riverside Primary School
DAS Woodlands Learning Centre

We would like to commend Mr KJ for his excellent teaching and guidance throughout the 7 years for my child since Primary 1 at the DAS Bishan Centre and DAS Sengkang Centre. At first, my child had difficulty reading a simple storybook but soon he learned the reading and scored the PSLE well too last year. We are glad that he had the opportunity to learn from Mr KJ. - Mdm Goh Lee Sah Parent of Wilfred Peh


At DAS I picked up useful skills from articulating my words more accurately to answering comprehension questions. I guess I picked up a sense of belonging in DAS which I could not get anywhere else, and the effective lessons definitely helped me soar in the academic arena.
- Teo Heng Soon
DAS Young Achiever Award 2011 recipient

I enjoyed my specialist literacy intervention classes immensely. My classmates were always so energetic and participative as we learned to read and write during lessons. I also loved my teacher, who was extremely patient, encouraging and understanding towards all her students. To inspire us, we were introduced to the famous figures that has overcome dyslexia to excel in their respective areas of expertise and their pictures along with their achievements were pasted all around the classroom walls. In fact, I was filled with sadness and reluctance when I had to graduate a few months later.
- Lim Kimm Aerin
DAS Student Alumni

I wrote to DAS describing my joy when Xian Pin's O-Level results of 6 A1s and A2 was released 4 years ago.
After O-Level, Xian Pin enrolled in the prestigious International Baccalaureate programme at ACS (Independent). He did well and has a place waiting for him at NTU's Accountancy programme, while he served National Service.
I would like to encourage all DAS students and their parents that with determination and perseverance, they can make it to university too! My deepest gratitude again to DAS staff, trachers and community. You are doing a great job in helping change our lives!
- Mdm Neo Chia Reei
Parent of Cheah Xian Pin
DAS Young Achiever Award 2012 recipient


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Specialised Educational Services (SES)


Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.
SES programmes are tailored to fit the learning needs of students with a learning difference.
For more information about SES and its services, please click here.



1st DAS Open House @ DAS Parkway Parade Learning Centre
Superbly well done! DAS Mgt Team, CM & Edts at PWP for the efforts put into arranging for an open house for parents and also for all those individual presentations and talks by respective teams and CM. It was truly an eye opener for me today and I had gained a lot of insight as well as knowledge into what my girls are going through or going to be taught during the different remediation lessons in DAS. Though my elder girl has been in DAS for 3+ years and my younger girl for 2+ years. Frankly I am not too sure about what about whats going on during lessons and what manner the lessons are being taught in depth. I just knew, oh DAS got Maths, must be good so enrolled both of them into the programs since both are deeply struggling with it. Oh DAS got Chinese, must be not bad also, so enrolled younger one in since elder one is being exempted. Oh DAS got Exam Skills,again must be surely beneficial as well, so elder one is in as well. All basing on MUST BE GOOD theory. Totally basing on my trust in DAS's mission "helping all dyslexics achieve!". However, all these are only possible with the financial assistances through bursaries granted to me for the girls' lessons as well. Excellently well done!

To the Funding team members too. Really thankful and appreciative todaS for all the hard work and help rendered both for the parents and kids in all aspects. Frankly with AD Chris Chia being the DAs-PSG representative, I have been feeing very important, very involved and very much supported now as a parent in DAS than 3 years ago. Kudos to AD Chris Chia for her exemplary work!
- Linda Tan
Parent of Yue Jia Xuan, Yue En Qi


The teachers at my son's school said all sorts of not-so-nice things about my son. However, DAS gave me hope by helping my son learn to read. I have never seen him read like that before. Even though he's at the Kindergarten level now, I am so proud that he can finally read and write! And most importantly, he enjoys it!
- Mr Michael Ang
Parent of Oscar Ang



My child has grown to have a greater interest and motivation to learn the Chinese language after attending classes at DAS. He has shown tremendous improvement in his spelling from failing to getting close to full marks  each time. He tells me that he is able to use the strategies such as the story method that Ms See has taught him to help him remember and recognise words. 
- Parent
Student of Ms See Lay Yen

My son thoroughly enjoys his DAS Chinese lessons because they approach the learning of chinese in an entirely different way from school. The small class size is key as the teacher is able to tailor his learning to his specific dyslexic learning style (poor visual discrimination). He is able to try new words, learning new phrases in-depth without rushing through to achieve some exam deadline. This helps him enjoy Chinese as a means of communication and building relationship rather than as a meaningless memory content. I am very grateful to Teacher Rui for she diligently updates me after every lesson - I sometimes feel that I've taken the lesson too!
- Parent
Student of Ms Kong Yun Rui 


Essential Maths


The Maths programme in DAS helped me a lot to learn different methods to handle difficult questions. The programme made my basic foundation in Maths strong and firm before moving to the next level. The teacher is very understanding and had lots of patience. 
- Angela, ex-student, Dec 2013

At DAS Bishan, Ms Albel teaches me Maths differently from the way the teachers in school teach me Maths, especially the problem sums. I read the sum step by step. Then I connect and arrange the colourful and fun Maths materials according to the sentences in the sum. This way I can understand and work out the sum easier. Last year, I failed in Maths but this year I scored 60% at SA2. I find learning Maths fun and interesting at DAS Bishan.
Amy*, Primary 4
Student of Aishah Abdullah (Albel)
DAS Bishan Learning Centre


Thanks for teaching Shao Hua* for the past 1 year. He has shown great improvement. His most happiest moment is that he managed to get a pass in his SA2 paper this year. He is happy in DAS group and has learnt a lot from DAS teachers. 
DAS Bishan Learning Centre

Both my daughters are really enjoying their lessons with you a lot especially my first daughter. She was telling me she is liking maths a lot more now and is more confident in handling maths words sums as well after getting more comfortable with model drawing. She has a whole new level of confidence now, she used to give up seeing words sums previously.

As for my second daughter, being a girl of few words and not so expressive and verbal after all, she mentioned (in a summary form) :"I like everything of Ms Shuyi." It is really heart-warming to hear their positive feedback bearing in mind that they are only with you for 3 lessons so far now.

- Parent
Students of Ms Tam Shuyi
DAS Parkway Parade Learning Centre


English Exam Skills


I am more confident to do 'Direct and Indirect' speech and also 'Comprehension'. I wish we can have Exam Skills class everyday!
Jia Yu*, Primary 5


Thank you for your coaching. John* has shown significant improvement that he will be receiving his Edusave Good Progress award. We are very glad that he has applied his skills on his exam, especially English.
- Parent

I am very happy that Ken* has passed his English for PSLE. he has never passed his English before.
- Parent

I am impressed that Jack's* English Exam has improved from a low grade C during prelims to achieving a B in PSLE. His comprehension has shown great improvement. I hope he will continue to apply the skills throughout his learning journey. Thank you DAS!


Specialist Tutoring

Malini has worked with Cheryl for the past two years on a one-to-one basis. Cheryl has not only improved academically she has also received tremendous support emotionally. Malini has set Cheryl tough but achieveable I.E.Ps and this has broadened Cheryl's thinking. Malini has a very nurturing way of teaching and this has been a great asset as Cheryl never thought of her lesson as a chore. She was first in class in her recent English exam, which we are delighted with and we are sure that Cheryl will succeed in her PSLE. I can't thank you enough for getting Cheryl to where she is today.
- Mrs Ang
Parent of Cheryl Ang


Speech and Drama Arts

My son Jake* attended the SDA programme since it first started in August 2013. He enjoys the interactions with other children, learnt language in creative ways and improved communications. I am pleased that DAS has started the SDA programme last year. Thank you for the initiative.
- Parent

We can see Jamie's* confidence level has improved compared to last time.
- Parent

The programme has helped Albert's* reading and pronunciation. I am impressed that the kids came up with their own 'play' USS... So wonderful!
- Parent

I was most impressed with the students' performance yesterday. All thanks to the patient guidance and nurturing of you all. I can also see that my daughter has enjoyed herself whenever she goes for her Speech and Drama lessons @ Bishan and she had a lot of fun doing the rehearsals for Castaway. We look forward to the new term next year January.
- Mrs Eileen Liu
Parent of Faith Susan Liu



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Dear Malini, Marinda and Anaberta,

Based on the assessment reports and recommendations by your team, we have received the necessary approval to withdraw our child from her current school and possibly place her in another school environment which could better meet her learning needs. We are very grateful to each of you for your help, guidance and patience with us during what has been a really trying time for us. And we thank you for helping our child gain a fighting chance at a new school. We also request your continued help and support in helping her.
- Parents


My elder daughter Yue Jia Xuan has been receiving SLT from Ms Ling Fong for 3 terms already and is due for my so called "graduation" very soon, tomorrow is her last make up class with her. Ms Ling Fong has really done a great job with Jia Xuan (JX). JX has managed to score a 20/30 for her oral exams recently. For a dyslexic kid coupled with SL issues, its such an accomplishment which she is unusually proud of herself for this mark and feel so satisfied as well. I must admit that through Ms Ling Fong's therapy sessions which were always done with meticulous planning coupled with her tender loving care, JX has blossomed and has now changed into a more :

1) vocal girl - now she automatically approaches me whenever I returned home and tries to fight for my attention from her more vocal and drama queen younger sibling.

2) expressive girl - she's now more willing to try to open up and express herself. She's sharing more with the adults in the family as well. Though sometimes she does occasionally really struggle to find words to express herself but I can see and sense that she has improved by leaps and bounds than compared 3 terms ago.

3) cheerful girl - she's definitely more cheerful too though still mostly very shy and quiet with others.

Ms Ling Fong's updates via email after every term is also very detailed as well. I felt very well informed and closely updated with her emails with regards to my girl's progress in the remediation. Ms Ling Fong, Ms Suelynn and Chris are always so ready to render counselling help to JX as well. I will like to say a big thank you to them for gradually transforming my girl to who she is today. All 3 of them update each other closely and work alongside hand in hand to help and assist JX whether or not its related to their work. They will always be my angels at DAS.
- Linda Tan
Parent of Yue Jia Xuan
DAS Parkway Parade Learning Centre


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