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About DAS 2013-2014

Our Journey

In 1993, the DAS had one learning centre, one teacher and 12 dyslexic students. Today, the DAS employs over 240 staff, who jointly support over 3,000 school students in 13 centres through the MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme (MAP).

What’s more, the enhanced MAP curriculum appreciates local requirements, bringing us closer than ever to achieving our mission. And all our MAP Educational Therapists are graduates with a Specialist Diploma in Special Education to ensure that learners with dyslexia receive quality assistance.

What seemed like an incredible task two decades ago has quickly become a reality as an appreciation of the dyslexic difficulties and their unique gifts is now prevalent in Singapore. There is much they can achieve, when given the right support which is our MAP to success.

With an estimated 23,000 dyslexic children in local pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, efforts to reach these children must and will continue. In the words of Camus “every achievement is a servitude. It compels us to a higher achievement.” And so MAP will continue in its mission, with you by our side.

2013-2014: A year of firsts and more...

Our Learning Centres

Students with dyslexia struggle in the education system each and every day. DAS believes that each student is unique in their own way and have strengths that will see them through their education and into a successful career.

At the Dyslexia Association of Singapore we EMBRACE DYSLEXIA and know that every child will unlock their potential to succeed.