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successful Successful people with dyslexia in the region

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Aqil is a talented teenager with dyslexia from Indonesia. He is an artist.

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Hikari is a teenager with dyslexia from Indonesia.

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Teo Heng Soon


Heng Soon was a DAS student who was a recipient of the DAS Young Achiever Award 2014.

"Being a dyslexic was a problem then and it still is.

I think the basic fact is that a dyslexic has to study three times more than their peers to do slightly better or just to be on par with them. I am no exception to that. I cannot say I have overcome dyslexia and I don't think I will ever overcome it. I would say what is more important is to understand it and not fight it, as it is part of me, trying to push it aside would not help.

Understanding it taught me that there were indeed lessons to learn from this learning difficulty. It helped me to be disciplined and focused. When my friends would play, I would have the discipline to keep on studying. This has helped me be very patient with myself especially when it comes to exploring and developing the talent or interest for karate, dancing and cinematography. Through this, I am convinced that hard work is highly important to get somewhere in life. Dyslexia has really given me the drive to do my best to be an all-rounder in studies, social interactions and in my interests."

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Heng Yi Zen singapore  Heng Yi Zen was a DAS student who was a recipient of the DAS Young Achiever Award 2014.

"Sometimes I felt that dyslexia made me inferior to the rest. It vexed me, and what made it worse was when my classmates wished they had dyslexia too, so that they could get extra time during examinations. Although they were kidding, it did hit a raw nerve. I understood that the extra time granted to us was to enable us to compete on an equal footing with the rest of our friends. I made sure that I did my best and never blamed any of my problems on dyslexia.

Dyslexia has helped me to discover myself more, and it taught me that if I really want to achieve anything all I needed to do was work hard for it. Everything has a price tag on it; the question is whether you are willing to commit the time and effort. When the going gets tough sometimes all you need to do is look behind, see how far you have already travelled and look at the people who are supporting you. Once you have done that, you would realise that the only one who thinks that you cannot achieve it, is you."

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