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WDAW Badge: Embrace Dyslexia

Raise Dyslexia awareness by buying this badge for $5! All ...


WDAW Seminar Ticket Admission

There will be no hard copies of the tickets issued. A ...

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Dec 2019: Bridging to Secondary Mathematics

Still struggling with Secondary Mathematics? Join our ...

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Dec 2019: Ready, Steady, Go! (Primary Maths Readiness for K2)

Is your child ready for Primary 1? From writing numbers to ...

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Dec 2019: Social Skills Workshop (For K2 to P2)

Through games, role play and other practical activities ...

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Dec 2019: Social Communication for Growing Kids

Conducted by our Speech and Language Therapists, social ...

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Sep 2019: ARTVenture - Notebook Acrylic Painting

Ignite your imagination with Acrylic Painting! ARTVenture ...

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Sep 2019: Write Compo

Lack of ideas? Writing Lack Structure? Need help ...

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Sep 2019: Master Common Prepositions with Mr Food Runner

Mr Food Runner is on a mission to prepare and deliver food ...

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Sep 2019: Common Maths Word Problems at Standard Level

"Some word problems in the P5 and P6 Standard Maths can be ...

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Sep 2019: Master Common Prepositions with Professor Goo!

Professor Goo has been spending MONTHS in his secret ...


Moon and Ship by Nur Syazwan

An original art piece created by our DAS student Nur ...

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