Mountains by Joseph

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An original art piece created by our DAS student Joseph.

Publication Date: 26 Feb 2018


20% of the amount collected will go to the artist while the rest will go to a bursary fund to help needy students.

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Name of Artwork: Mountains


Description:This paining represents three words: Innovation, Courage, Integrity.


Name of Artist: Joseph


Input from Creative Instructor:
Joseph has been a student in the DAS since he was in Primary 2. He is now in Primary 6 I have seen him regularly for all these years. Joseph has always been sharing his interesting experiences over the past week - ranging from art class to being in a shooting range. He brought some of his target cards to class too! Joseph participated in one of our Artventure workshops - Entering the world of Manga (Chibi). He has definitely showed great talents and creativity in his work.


Input from DAS MAP EdT:
Joseph has grown so much over the years that he has been with me in the DAS. He has achieved tremendous success not only in his academics but also in his interests in various activities such as archery and the Arts. He attends various art classes and workshops in NAFA during his free time. He has the amazing support of his parents to hone his talent for the Arts. Although Joseph may seem playful, he puts in a lot of thought for this art piece that he had come up with. It is a meaningful piece for him that marks the end of his trying year with the PSLE.