Our difference – we start with your child and we work with his/her strengths and abilities and build their capabilities so that they have adequate skills to cope in school.

In order to fulfil our commitment to our students and parents, we ensure that we have a pool of well trained Educational Therapists conducting lessons to our students.

To quote the Rose Report, 2009 about teacher Quality :

"'The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers' is an obvious truth, which applies to the assessment and teaching of learners of any age who are dyslexic." (Rose, 2009, p.15).

At DAS we place strong emphasis on high quality intervention for our students.  High quality intervention can only take place if there is high quality training for our Educational Therapists.  Therefore, we invest heavily in training our Educational Therapists so that they can deliver quality remediation to all our students.    

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In 2014, the Manpower Research & Statistics Department released the "Employer Supported Training 2014” report. The report stated that 8 of 10 employers now provide structured training.  The national average training expenditure was $726 per trainee (or $410 per employee).  However, at the DAS,  our training expenditure was to $3,726 per trainee (and $3,487 per employee).

In terms of training expenditure as a percentage of employee payroll (comprising staff remuneration and employers’ CPF contribution), the national figure was 0.8% in 2014.  At the DAS the training expenditure was 5.71%.  

Our training expenditure is therefore 7 times the national average and this does not include the staff cost of Staff Professional Development  and the staff cost for various in-house OJT.