All our Educational Therapists are graduates.

We place strong emphasis on training and we have a rigorous training programme in place for our Educational Therapists.  

The training programme provides theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.  They also have guided support under the supervision of an Educational Advisor.

We ensure that our Educational Therapists are led to the path of being skilled practitioners as well as critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Beyond initial training, we also provide ongoing professional development opportunities for our Educational Therapists to keep them up to date and relevant.

Who We Are Training our educational therapists2


DAS Quality Assurance Framework and Quality Assurance Audits are significant for several reasons and have been implemented to meet the following requirements:

  • to satisfy our key stakeholders of the standards we promise and deliver as a part of our service
  • to motivate and promote good practices amongst staff
  • to provide a platform to recognise excellent staff performance and contribution, and ongoing, continuous dialogue (rather than a annual exercise)
  • to serve as a mechanism to improve training and support


All Educational Therapists are expected to do the following annually:

  • Create a professional e-portfolio and update it regularly with information about their professional development and new knowledge that they have acquired for the year
  • Receive competent status for their annual Quality Assurance lesson observation and documentation audit
  • Collaborative professional development through peer observation of colleagues – one as an observer and another as an observee
  • To clock in 50 hours of Continuing Professional Development per year – either through attending courses or through conducting a research and writing research papers