June Siew

June Siew

  • General Management
  • Rex House Learning Centre

June Siew is the Head of DAS Academy.

June has more than a decade of working experience in the field of Specific Learning Difficulties. She is a Fellow with the Register of Educational Therapists (Asia) and a qualified trainer with a WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). Previously an educational therapist involved in dyslexia intervention, her earlier experiences augment her current role as a teacher educator and enable her to adopt a grounded perspective in her ideas and approach. June is passionate about making dyslexia work for dyslexics and believes that dyslexia can become their asset if we teach them how. She is committed to empowering parents, educators and schools with the knowledge and practical skills so that students with dyslexia can be given the best support to thrive. She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore and the University College London, Institute of Education (IoE) with a special interest in the topic of inclusion of children with mild learning difficulties in mainstream school.

Highest Qualification:

  • Master of Arts (Specific Learning Differences), London Metropolitan University, UK
  • Teaching / Training Qualification:
  • PGCert in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, London Metropolitan University, UK
  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)

Appointed on 7 January 2015
Joined on 16 August 2004


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