Soofrina Mubarak

Soofrina Mubarak

  • Lead Educational Therapist
  • RETA Fellow
  • Rex House Learning Centre

Soofrina joined DAS in early 2012 and is now the EdTech Coordinator for the Engish Language and Literacy (ELL) Division and also a Lead Educational Therapist, teaching the Main Literacy Programme (MLP). Through working with learners with dyslexia and other specific learning differences, Soofrina developed an interest to incorporate educational technologies in the MLP lessons to make learning and teaching both efficient and within reach for all. Guided by the mantra "As slow as we must but as fast as we can", Soofrina explored classroom differentiation using EdTech tools and now passionately shares knowledge for the professional development of teaching colleagues.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Finance, Soofrina pursued post-graduate studies in Special Educational Needs and is currently sponsored by DAS to complete her Master of Arts (Instructional Design and Technology) at the National Institute of Education (NIE).


  • International Dyslexia Association Conference 2019 - Oregon, Poster Presentation
  • Singapore Learning Design and Technology Conference 2019, Presenter
  • UNITE SpLD Conference 2019, Presenter
  • ARWA 2019 Conference, Presenter
  • International Dyslexia Association Conference 2018 - Connecticut, Poster Presentation
  • UNITE SpLD 2018 Conference, Presenter
  • British Dyslexia Association Conference 2018, Presenter
  • EduTech Asia Conference 2018, Panelist and Presenter
  • The Singapore Educational Technology Conference 2017, Oral Presentation - A digital Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Click
  • EduTech Asia Conference 2017, Oral Presentation - Improving Literacy with EdTech
  • EduTech Asia Conference 2017, Panellist - Overcoming Challenges in the Push for EduTech

"My drive for professional development resonates with the work culture of the DAS; that is to not limit my challenges but to challenge my limits. The exposure, teamwork and professional recognition of talents at DAS allows me to delve deeper into the areas I am passionate about."


It is not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.

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