Siti Mariam Daud

Siti Mariam Daud

  • Lead Educational Therapist
  • RETA Associate Fellow
  • DAS Academy Lecturer
  • Rex House Learning Centre

Siti Mariam began her special education journey as an Educational Therapist at DAS after leaving the mainstream school setting and has more than 7 years of experience in the field of special educational needs, especially in dyslexia and Math. An Associate Fellow with the Registrar of Educational Therapists (Asia), her previous experiences with dyslexia intervention has increased her pedagogical knowledge and broadened her perspectives on special educational needs. She constantly keeps up with the current developments in education and special education and finds ways to integrate them together so that teaching practices can be improved and the best support is provided for students.


  • Master of Arts in Special Educational Needs, University of South Wales
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Central Queensland University
  • Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education Singapore


  • Conferences: 54th RELC International Conference 2019
  • UNITE SpLD 2019
  • UNITE SpLD 2020