Geetha Shantha Ram

Geetha Shantha Ram

  • General Management
  • RETA Fellow
  • Rex House Learning Centre

Director, SpLD Assessment Services, English Language and Literacy Division & Staff Professional Development Division

Geetha Shantha Ram joined DAS on 16 August 2004 and assumed the post of Director of the English Language and Literacy (ELL) Programmes on 1 December 2014, which includes the Main Literacy Programme (MLP) and has led curriculum enhancements for the DAS through the Essential Literacy Approach and the current integrated MLP curriculum. Besides ELL, Geetha oversees the SpLD Assessment Service and Staff Professional Development division, where she led the development of professional pathways and quality assurance of all educational efforts. She also heads the DAS Research Committee and is an advisor in the Register of Educational therapists (Asia) (RETA).

Formerly, the Assistant Director of the DAS Academy, Geetha trained Allied educators, parents, and other professionals and continues to present at conferences, most recently at the 2020 International Dyslexia Association Conference.

Geetha has a Masters in English (NUS) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Distinction) (LMU) and is currently pursuing her doctorate in the area of twice-exceptionality. With over 15 years of experience supporting children and adults in the area of dyslexia, Geetha aims to provide a quality service to dyslexics that searches for and realises their true potential and provide them with a view to appreciate their own unique abilities.



  • Master of Arts (English Studies)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Learning
  • Teaching in Higher Education (Distinction).


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