Mohamed Samunn

Mohamed Samunn

  • Senior Educational Therapist
  • RETA Fellow
  • Sengkang Learning Centre
  • Parkway Parade Learning Centre

Samunn joined DAS in 2008. He is a Senior Educational Therapist who holds a Master's degree in Specific Learning Differences (MA SpLD) from London Metropolitan University, UK.

He delivers online and F2F intervention and/or remediation lessons in literacy, numeracy, English language, and math to children with dyslexia and other SpLDs at our Parkway Parade Learning Centre. In addition, he conducts webinars and workshops in Educational Assistive Technology (EAT), Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Design Thinking in SEN for parents and educators. He has 37 years of experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). Before joining the DAS, he was attached to the MOE-Maldives for 11 years as an ESL teacher (secondary) preparing students for O Level and IGCSE Examination for the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CIE).

Currently, Samunn is pursuing his Ph.D. His research interests include supporting emerging and adult learners with SpLD in higher education and help create positive learning spaces for them with technology.



  • Master of Arts in Specific Learning Differences (MA SpLD)


Using Digital Tools in Qualitative Research, UNITE SpLD 2020

What the teacher is, is more important what he teaches. - Karl A. Menninger