Suthasha Kelly Bijay

Suthasha Kelly Bijay

  • Programme Manager
  • RETA Fellow
  • Rex House Learning Centre

Kelly is a lead educational therapist and preschool programme manager. She joined Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) in 2012, and over the years has worked with a diverse group of pupils. Kelly holds a Master's Degree in Special Educational Needs (MASEN) and Second Upper Honours Degree in Early Childhood Education (BEd Hons). She manages the Pre-School Early Literacy Programme (PELP) and provides intervention for pre-schoolers with consistent early literacy learning difficulties. Some of her job roles include the training of newly employed trainee pre-school teachers, raising awareness of identifying and supporting children with literacy learning challenges early, and the development of the PELP programme. Kelly works closely with a specialised team of preschool educational therapists with a common goal, which is to help as many struggling pre-schoolers with literacy intervention support as possible.


  • Master's Degree in Special Educational Needs (MASEN)
  • Second Upper Honours Degree in Early Childhood Education (BEd Hons)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Specific Learning Differences
  • Diploma in Pre-School Leadership
  • Diploma in Pre-School Teaching and Education



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  • Wong., K., L., Bijay, S., K., and Renganathan, T., 1st DAS Pre-School Seminar 2015. Learning that makes sense: Practical Strategies from our preschool intervention programme. Early Intervention, Multi-Sensory Learning Strategies for Kindergarteners supporting children with Literacy Learning Differences., Singapore.


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