Working Hours

DAS staff work when our clients are available. DAS centres are open from Mondays to Saturdays and late into the evenings. Some centres are also open on Sundays. Although staff work 44 hours a week, they must expect to be flexible in their working days and hours. For staff for work/ teach on weeknights and Sundays, an allowance will be paid per hour.

Educational Therapists on the flexi scheme (sessional) are encouraged to teach as many hours as they wish, subject to a minimum of 6 hours a week. They may also be called upon for relief teaching (on an ad-hoc basis) if they are available. They are entitled to the allowance (in addition to their hourly rate) for teaching on weeknights and Sundays. 

Working from different locations

As staff must expect to work from any of our centres based on the needs of the organisation. DAS centres are located in MOE schools, shopping malls and HDB void decks.