Kong Yun Rui

Kong Yun Rui

  • Programme Manager
  • Rex House Learning Centre

Kong Yun Rui has been with the DAS since 2012. She provides intervention for learners with dyslexia on the Chinese Programme. In addition, she is also an adjunct lecturer with the DAS Academy, training and equipping parents and educators to better support learners with specific learning differences. She is also responsible for the training of educational therapists in the provision of Chinese intervention. She was awarded the CEO Commendation Award in February 2017 for her contribution to knowledge in the assessment of Chinese literacy. She is currently a Fellow with the Register of Educational Therapists (Asia).

Yun Rui has a strong interest in developing the whole child and in bilingualism. She actively looks into the development of educational therapists to provide a holistic learning environment for the child. She is also part of the Specific Learning Difficulties Committee at the DAS which looks at curriculum review to effectively support learners and the training and resources required to support professionals in their work with children with learning challenges.


  • MA (Education) in Teaching and Learning of Chinese Language, University of Hong Kong
  • PGD (Arts) in Special Education Needs, University of South Wales
  • Advanced Diploma in Chinese Language Teaching, KLC International Institute
  • A BA with Honours in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Nanyang Technological University


  • Tan, A.H., Shen, P., Kong, Y.R., See, L.Y., and Sha, L. (2018) Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Chinese Literacy Assessment tool for School Learners in Singapore. Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences, 5(1), 25-41. DOI: 10.3850/S2345734118000033
  • Shen, P., Liu, Y., Kong, Y.R., See, L.Y., and Sha, L. (2014) Chinese Language and Remediation Support of Children with Dyslexia in Singapore. Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences, 1(2), 136-171 DOI: 10.3850/S2345734114000028


  • Talk at Shenzhen Children Hospital, China, December 2018)
  • ARWA, 2018
  • UNITE SPLD, 2017
  • IDA Conference, 2017
  • IDA Conference, 2014



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