Get Involved

DAS encourages Singapore to make a commitment to Embrace Dyslexia through the following ways:

Raise awareness about Embrace Dyslexia by:

  • Sharing information about dyslexia
  • Inviting DAS to conduct Awareness Talks in your company, school or group
  • Attending courses at DAS Academy
  • Joining a support group
  • Being a member of a professional body like RETA

Explore opportunities to work with DAS by:

  • Workplace Giving or Volunteering initiatives
  • Mentoring DAS Alumni students for internships or work experience

Believe in the dyslexic individual by:

  • Recognising their strengths and understand their weaknesses
  • Providing the appropriate support and encouragement

Donate to DAS Programmes:

  • Help lower-income families with bursaries

Sharing is Caring

  • be a mentor or volunteer your time.

Advocate for Embrace Dyslexia by:

  • Sharing information about dyslexia
  • Signing the Embrace Dyslexia Commitment Statement

Download and Sign the Embrace Dyslexia Commitment Now!