Our volunteer programme welcomes corporate volunteers and provides them with the opportunity to enrich the lives of our students. While they bond and connect with our students, corporate volunteers get to also promote corporate social responsibility and boost the team spirit among employees. These are some of the ways corporate volunteers can contribute to DAS.


Volunteering at DAS Learning Centres

    1.   Chaperoning  
    2.   Administration Support 
    3.   Back-End Support
    4.   Event Management
    5.   Marketing


Event-Based Volunteering

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Event-based volunteering provides the opportunity and freedom for corporate volunteers to create meaningful and enjoyable experiences with DAS students. Some examples of events done in the past by our corporate volunteers:

  • Batik Painting Workshop

  • Christmas Party

  • Cupcake Making Workshop

  • National Day Observance

  • Trip to the Science Centre

  • Corporate Volunteers may also choose to help out at DAS events such as:
  • Quarterly Mass Screening: 8-10 volunteers needed

  • Preschool Seminar: 8-10 volunteers needed

  • UNITE SpLD Conference: 8-10 volunteers

  • DAS Student Graduation: 5-7 volunteers

  • DAS Academy Graduation: 5-7 volunteers


Interested parties may write to khatijah.abdsalam@das.org.sg or call us at 6444 5700 (Office hours: Mon to Fri, 9 a.m. to 5.30 a.m.)