Amirah, Volunteered at Tampines Learning Centre:

“When I was a volunteer at TPN, I was mainly doing admin work and organising some cupboards like the stationery cupboard etc. It was quite free and easy like there wasn't any burden on me to complete my task asap or I have to do things perfectly and efficiently. But I tried my best to do the task assigned as fast as possible and as best as I could. Everyone was really nice and helpful. Overall, the whole experience felt like I was really helping DAS because there was always something for me to do when I was there. So it felt like I wasn't wasting my time and I was really helping people, especially the admin staff there. I also learnt a lot about DAS like the programmes and how the classes are like so it was very interesting.”


Tricia, Volunteered at Sengkang Learning Centre:

“All went well. Ms Azizah guided me to do some administrative works. I also interacted with some kids and did some storytelling to them. And having them read 1-2 paragraphs to me.  Some kids have other underlying needs. So far so good, I enjoy being with them.”


Kee Wei, Volunteered at Woodlands Learning Centre and DAS Academy:

“For both centres, it’s been quite easy to get started with volunteering because the staff are helpful in guiding and walking us through what to do and expect for each task e.g. auditing and stock take. Overall I enjoy volunteering at DAS as there's exposure to people and we get to know them and what they do.”