learning art at das

Many parents may not be aware that DAS has recently begun offering Art programmes. It’s all started when we began receiving numerous feedback from our therapists being amazed by their own students’ drawings, doodlings and sketches.  And for decades, we featured these pieces in our in-house magazine FACETS. We were never short of outstanding pieces to feature.

So one day, we thought, why not create a platform where we can develop our students’ talents, play on their strengths and in doing those, build their self-confidence? The rest is history, isn’t it? ARTVenture was born!

Today, ARTVenture is one of DAS Talent Development movements after Speech and Drama Arts and Embrace Dyslexia campaign. At DAS, the main work of what we do is to help our children overcome what they are not so good at. On contrary, ARTVenture looks for our children’s strengths and make them shine!

ARTVenture is running a 15 hours programme called Elementary Mix Media Art this October (starts 22 October). Open to Primary 4, 5 and 6 students who just finished their exams and wish to do something fun (finally!) Our programmes are a great way for us to identify your talents. We are always scouting for artists for these opportunities!

  • Tokens of Appreciation for our Guest of Honours (President, Ministers, Senior Officials both local and Overseas)
  • Opportunities to be auctioned at Fund-Raising Events
  • Regularly display at DAS events
  • Ad-hoc opportunities with corporate companies for art pieces to be used at special events


Oh yes, all our art instructors are DAS Educational Therapists who are artists themselves and trained to deliver art programmes in a way that your child will benefit best.

To show our support for our children, our corporate donor is paying 90% of the fees for children on bursary (all tiers). That means our children can enjoy a structured art programme for $35.40 instead of $354.

I think now is the best time to start, don’t you think?


For more information, visit us at tinyurl.com/dasartventure  
By Nicole Chua, Lead Educational Therapist/ ARTVenture Programme Manager