1. Editorial Comment

Angela J. Fawcett, Editor-in-Chief



It is a very great pleasure to publish the 14th issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences, now in its 7th year of publication, which is published by the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. The response to the previous issues continues to be extremely gratifying, and we intend to maintain these high standards in this issue and forthcoming issues. We have now amassed an even stronger editorial board, including the most recent member to join, Helen Boden, CEO of the British Dyslexia Association who has been invited for her outstanding reputation internationally. We are delighted to welcome Helen who will undoubtedly enrich our editorial board further. We are grateful for the support of the academics and professionals involved in resolving any issues arising, and ensuring our journal maintains high professional and ethical standards.

The six articles featured in the current issue represent material drawn from a wide cultural background across Asia and beyond, with contributions from Singapore, UK, Japan, Thailand, and China. We are particularly grateful to those contributors who have managed to revise their contributions despite the constraints of the current lockdowns internationally in response to the pandemic. We look forward to publishing further contributions from India when libraries re-open, enabling further articles to be successfully revised. Topics for the current issue cover a broad range, from two articles on adult entrepreneurs with dyslexia to screening diagnosis and intervention for school-age children with dyslexia.

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1. Editorial Comment
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