English Language and Literacy Programmes

DAS English Language Literacy & Language Programmes provides a comprehensive and quality curriculum to support students with dyslexia facing literacy challenges. The ELL Curriculum integrates key essential learning components that are crucial in remediating students with learning differences.


Main Literacy Programme

The DAS Main Literacy Programme (MLP) aims:

  • To promote and facilitate reading and spelling development
  • To equip students with the essential comprehension skills needed to draw inferences
  • To accentuate the importance of reading fluency through the deliberate planning of reading tasks that takes into account students’ reading fluency and accuracy
  • To emphasise vocabulary development of sight and high frequency word through instructions leveraging on Edu-Technology
  • To develop diverse localised manuals, materials and resources to cater to the learning needs of students

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The primary aim of iReaCH is to support learners in Reading Comprehension and Writing to manage higher order tasks expected of them in school through deliberate use of vocabulary instruction and educational technology. The teaching principles emphasised in the development and the delivery of iReaCH adhere closely to the Orton-Gillingham (OG) principles to enable learners with dyslexia learn efficiently and effecively. iReaCH is developed to provide primary and secondary level students not only with the skills and content knowledge to cope with and excel in Reading Comprehension and Writing but alo to increase their confidence and preparedness during examinations. 

Aligned to the mainstream curriculum, the employment of vocabulary instruction coupled with the use of educational technology encourages learners to become inquisitive knowledge seekers, develop their content knowledge and vocabulary necessary to enhance their confidence and competence in Reading Comprehension and Writing. 



iStudySmart aims to empower students in the areas of planning and organisation, presentation and writing skills. We firmly believe that preparing our students for the future is an important role of education and therefore, the acquisition of these skills enable our students to stand in good stead as they prepare to tranition into tertiary level education and intitutes of higher learning. 


Educational Technology 

The goal of utilizing educational technologies (such as iPads, interactive surface systems and projectors) is to cater and customise learning for each students’ needs as much as possible. Such technologies aid both teaching and learning; and while providing assistance to the students who need it, also allow independent learning.

The familiarity in digital literacy, which increases with the continued use of such technologies, makes students achieve autonomy and be able to look up information on their own or better yet, contribute information (through text or videos) to other users of technologies.

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English Language and Literacy Programmes

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