The Dyslexia Association of Singapore has many programmes to support learners with dyslexia and other learning differences.

We support learners in Preschool, Primary and Secondary Schools, both Mainstream Singaporean Schools as well as Private and International Schools.  We have programmes that also support young adult learners in Institutions of Higher Learning as well as adults who struggle with literacy.  We do this through a number of programmes offered at DAS, DAS Academy and DAS International.


Our preschool programme is offered to children in K1 and K2 and is designed to provide individual attention to young learners who are struggling with early literacy.  The programme is structured, cumulative and sequential that is multi-sensory. To find out more about the Preschool Programme, click here.


Our Main Literacy Programme (MLP) is designed for students with dyslexia.  MOE funds this programme and in the 2015 audit stated, “Services offered under MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme* are appropriate, and remain highly relevant in providing additional literacy support for students with dyslexia”.   
* The MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme is now known as the Main Literacy Programme (MLP).

DAS provides support for SECONDARY SCHOOL students under our Main Literacy Programme and is highly relevant to their academic achievement.  MLP is comprehensive and detailed to support students with literacy needs up until Secondary 5.  Increasingly DAS will endeavour to support secondary students under our other programmes.  To find out more about the MLP programme click here

DAS also provides other programmes to assist PRIMARY SCHOOL students in their learning, and some programmes are being developed to support SECONDARY LEARNERS too. 
Programmes offered in small group settings are:

  • Chinese
  • Maths
  • Speech and Drama
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Science
  • iReach
  • iStudySmart
  • ARTVenture

To find out more about the other programmes we provide, click here


DAS has designed a curriculum specifically to help support students transition from secondary to tertiary institutions (ITE/Polytechnic/JC) and the manage the challenges of the transition and demands of Higher Learning. The curriculum supports them with strategies on how to manage writing at the tertiary level, teach them study skills strategies, including time management and presentation skills to make them more effective learners. 

For more information about the  iStudySmart (TM) click here


Adults seeking support are welcome to discuss their concerns with us individually.  We are able to provide assessment and consultations services at DAS.  DAS International can also provide other one-to-one services depending on your needs. To find out more about the services provided for Adults click here


DAS International provides specialist tutoring services for students from preschool to adult and is a one-to-one tutoring service that is skills-focused tailored to meet the needs of students with specific learning differences.  Specialist Tutoring may include individual curriculum support, study skills and exam preparation and other specific areas where you feel additional support is required.  To find out more about Specialist Tutoring offered by DAS International click here


Subsidised fees are available, only under MLP, for children who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a diagnosis of dyslexia AND
  • Are Singaporean or have at least one Singaporean parent AND
  • are currently attending a Ministry of Education (MOE) Primary or Secondary school.

Students diagnosed with dyslexia, are Singaporean and are studying in MOE schools are able to access funding from the MOE.

To find out more about the MOE grant click here.


To find out more about the financial assistance provided for programmes other than MLP, click here.

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English Language and Literacy Programmes

We want your child to excel and love English, as much as we do!

The English Language & Literacy Division provides intensive intervention in English Literacy including the comprehensive Main Literacy Programme and educational technology-infused lessons to best engage our learners.

Main Literacy Programme

The DAS Main Literacy Programme (MLP) aims:

  • To promote and facilitate reading and spelling development
  • To equip students with the essential comprehension skills needed to draw inferences
  • To accentuate the importance of reading fluency through the deliberate planning of reading tasks that takes into account students’ reading fluency and accuracy
  • To emphasise vocabulary development of sight and high frequency word through instructions leveraging on Edu-Technology
  • To develop diverse localised manuals, materials and resources to cater to the learning needs of students

Click here to learn more about the Main Literacy Programme


The primary aim of iReaCH is to support learners in Reading Comprehension and Writing to manage higher order tasks expected of them in school through deliberate use of vocabulary instruction and educational technology. The teaching principles emphasised in the development and the delivery of iReaCH adhere closely to the Orton-Gillingham (OG) principles to enable learners with dyslexia learn efficiently and effecively. iReaCH is developed to provide primary and secondary level students not only with the skills and content knowledge to cope with and excel in Reading Comprehension and Writing but alo to increase their confidence and preparedness during examinations. 

Aligned to the mainstream curriculum, the employment of vocabulary instruction coupled with the use of educational technology encourages learners to become inquisitive knowledge seekers, develop their content knowledge and vocabulary necessary to enhance their confidence and competence in Reading Comprehension and Writing. 

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iStudySmart aims to empower students in the areas of planning and organisation, presentation and writing skills. We firmly believe that preparing our students for the future is an important role of education and therefore, the acquisition of these skills enable our students to stand in good stead as they prepare to transition into tertiary level education and institutes of higher learning. 

The 4 Domains
- Planning and Organisation
- Presentation skills
- Writing skills
- Affective Domain

Find out more here

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Meet Our Team!


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The Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.


Nurturing persons with learning differences to achieve success and impact society positively.


Unlocking the potential of individuals with learning differences.


The Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore which aims to uncover the true strengths of individuals with learning differences and empower them with the necessary skills and strategies to succeed. 
All of our professionals are highly qualified and specially trained to help persons with learning differences who may be struggling in different areas of their lives. We have a good understanding of the curriculum and the demands that today’s education systems place on a student and strive to bring out the very best in every individual that we see. 


SES programmes offer support to students who struggle to learn in other academic subjects and also offers talent development programmes. SES programmes are tailored to fit the learning needs of students with a learning difference.

All of our programmes are tailored to fit the learning needs of students with learning differences.  The curriculum and the methodology adheres to the principles which have been proven to be beneficial in helping them learn.

All of our programmes are:

  • Structured, Sequential and Cumulative
  • Flexible
  • Multisensory
  • Direct and Explicit
  • Cognitive
  • Emotionally Sound

All our classes have a low teacher to student ratio, with an average of 4 in a class, except for our Speech and Drama Arts Programme.  This arrangement enables us to attend to the individual needs of your child and maximise learning opportunities for success.

Programmes that are offered by SES:

SES Organisation Chart


Main Literacy Programme Fees

  Subsidised Fees Standard Fees
Main Literacy Programme Per Hour Per Term Per Hour Per Term
Singapore Citizen
Off-Peak Classes $25.68 $513.60 $64.65 $1,293
Peak Classes $26.94 $538.85 $68.20 $1,364
Super Peak Classes $28.21 $564.15 $71.50 $1,430
Singapore Permanent Resident or Non-Singaporean
Off-Peak Classes     $77.60 $1,552
Peak Classes     $81.85 $1,637
Super Peak Classes     $85.80 $1,716

All fees are inclusive of GST, Termly Registration Fee of $8.02.

Off Peak 2 hours on weekdays
Peak  1 hour weekday & 1 hour weekend class 
Super Peak  2 hours on weekend class (Saturdays and/or Sundays) 

Subsidised Fees apply when:

  • Student is a Singapore Citizen and is attending an MOE school.
  • Student is a Singapore PR/Foreigner but has one parent who is Singaporean and the student is attending an MOE school.
  • Student has a diagnosis of dyslexia.

Standard Fees apply when:

  • Student is a Singapore Citizen but is not in an MOE school e.g. International school, Madrasahs, Specialised Independent Schools and home-schooling.
  • Student is a Singapore PR/Foreigner and both parents are Singapore PR/Foreigners.


Giro bank deductions are made in 2 instalments within a term. For example, $513.60 payments for a term will be deducted: $513.60/2 instalments = $256.80 per instalment. Each instalment is collected every 5th of the month. 

Please note that there are late charges for unsuccessful deductions. For more details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

 With effect from Term 3, 2021

English Language and Literacy (ELL) Programme Fees

  Singapore Citizens Singapore PR and
International Students
Types of Programmes Per Hour Per Term Per Hour Per Term
iReaCH $37.15 $743 $44.60 $892
iStudySmart (Short-term Programme) $18.10 $362 $21.70 $434

With effect from Term 3, 2021


Specialised Educational Services (SES) Programme Fees

  Singapore Citizens Singapore PR and
International Students
Types of Programmes Per Hour Per Term Per Hour Per Term
Preschool Programme - 2 off-peak period classes  $45.40 $908 $54.50 $1,090
Preschool Programme - 1 off-peak & 1 peak period classes  $47.85 $957 $57.40 $1,148
Preschool Programme - 2 peak period classes  $50.00 $1,000 $60.00 $1,200
Maths Programme - Essential Maths $65.00 $650 $78.00 $780
Maths Programme - Problems Sums for Upper Primary (P5 Standard) $65.00 $650 $78.00 $780
Maths Programme - Problems Sums for Upper Primary (P6 Standard) $45.40 $908 $54.50 $1,090
PREP 2 PSLE  Programme (Formerly known as English Exam Skills) $65.00 $650 $78.00 $780
Chinese Programme $65.00 $650 $78.00 $780
Chinese (Upper Primary) Programme $45.40 $908 $54.50 $1,090
Chinese (Secondary) Programme $45.40 $908 $54.50 $1,090
Speech and Language Group Therapy $92.70 $927 $111.20 $1,112
Speech and Drama Arts Programme $26.00 $390 $31.20 $468

With effect from Term 3, 2021