SpLD Assessment Services Fees

The cost of assessment(s) starts from $724.50* (before GST), additional costs may apply, depending on the following:

  1. Areas of investigation (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD)
    Areas of Investigation Singapore Citizen Singapore PR/Foreigner
    Dyslexia From S$724.50 From S$869.40
    Adult Dyslexia / ADHD From S$1,086.75 From S$1,304.10
    Dyscalculia / Dysgraphia From S$1,267.88 From S$1,521.45
    School Readiness / Giftedness / ID From S$966 From S$1,159.20
    Autism Spectrum Disorder From S$1,932 From S$2,318.40

    - Prices will vary depending on 1) number of areas for investigation/ tests required, 2) citizenship, 3) preference for psychologist, and 4) application processing time
    - Excludes a non-refundable application fee of $53.50 and GST
    - Bursaries of up to 100% are available for eligible Singaporean clients

  2. Specification of psychologists
  3. Type of service (fast-tracked vs standard)+

Bursary application is available for eligible students, the cost of their assessment may be reduced by 33% to 100% (no charge). All bursary applications must be done together with the application for assessment via the Main Application Form.

*The cost is before GST. There is also a non-refundable application fee of $53.50.

DAS will be revising the fees for Assessment Services from 1 July 2021.  Please note that Assessments are not funded by MOE.

Assessment applications submitted before or on 30th June 2021 will not be affected by this fee revision. Please see the table below

Assessment application submission  30 June 2021 or earlier 1 July 2021 and thereafter
Assessment conducted 16 August 2021 16 August 2021
Assessment fee based on fees before 30 June 2021 based on fees after 1 July 2021

While the DAS strives to keep our assessment fees affordable for our users, this latest revision is also to enable us to keep pace with the increasing operational costs. For Singaporean families who are in need of financial assistance, bursaries ranging from 33% to 100% will continue to be made available.  In the last financial year, DAS had to raise over $1 million in donations to provide bursaries for needy students requiring non-MOE funded services and programmes.


John is a 14-year-old student. His parents referred him to the DAS as they were concerned with his difficulties in reading and spelling. They and his teachers did not report any other difficulties. An assessment of dyslexia, which costs $1,000*, is proposed.  John's family applied to DAS for a bursary and based on their family income, were awarded a 50% bursary.  They, therefore, paid only $500* for the assessment.

*Amount indicated is for illustration only.

Fast-tracked vs Standard

Our current average wait time is approximately *^20 weeks. However, if you require an urgent assessment, you may want to consider our Fast-Tracked assessment service that is offered to clients who request for the assessments and/or reports to be expedited (processed within 80% of current wait time). The service can be activated immediately upon receipt of completed Main Application Form**.
You can contact us at 6444 5700 for more information about this.
* The average waiting time will vary from period to period as the DAS receives referrals from our clients on a daily basis.
^ Waiting time updated as of 10 March 2021.
** This applies where no additional information/documents are required, barring the discovery of additional pertinent information during the course of the assessment.



One password-protected soft copy psychological report will be provided for each assessment.
Clients can also request for additional copies of the report that can be provided at no charge within a month of the original report sent date, limited to the following quantity:
    • One additional soft copy (i.e. one additional email)
    • Up to two hard copy reports within a month of the date that the initial report was sent.

The provision of additional reports will be chargeable at prevailing rates, if the above-mentioned number of reports have been provided, or if requests are made one month after the date on which the original report was sent.