The DAS has designed a curriculum specifically to help students manage and deal with difficulties associated with their transition from secondary to tertiary institutions (ITE/Polytechnic/JC). These areas may include (depending on their needs) teaching them strategies on how to manage writing at the tertiary level or to teach them study skills strategies to make them more effective learners.


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Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. SES programmes are tailored to fit the learning needs of students with a learning difference.

SES Programmes are NOT funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the MOE only supply a grant for the DAS Main Literacy Programme (MLP).  

Frequently Asked Questions (Post-secondary)

1. What does this programme offer?
Students will be guided on how to manage writing at the tertiary level. They will also learn how to how to study more effectively by applying the study skills that works specifically for them.

2. What makes this programme special/different?
The programme is an extension of the skills they already have, and so students entering our programme will be guided as young adults. They will be strongly encouraged to discover solutions as independently as they can. In addition, our facilitators are experienced teachers in DAS and so students will continue to receive support with their learning difference.

3. Is there an age limit to this programme?
Students between the age of 17 to 20 may apply.

4. How long are the classes and what are the charges like?
The classes will be 2 hours per week, running for Term 1 and Term 2 of 2017. The programme is free as this is a pilot.

5. Will the student be able to catch up if he/she is weak in English?
As we are running a small class of 3 to 6 students only, our facilitators will be able to give enough attention to all students. The curriculum is also designed to fit the student individually, so the student will not have to "catch up" with the rest of the students but rather learn and his/her own pace.

6. Will there be any tests?
Students will go through pre and post-assessments to track their progress on the programme. Other assessments may be recommended, as part of the programme, depending on the needs of the individual.

7. How do I sign up?
Sign up at this link >
You may direct any enquiries to Farhana at

8. When will I know the outcome of my application?
Students and parents will be informed by the end of December. Classes will begin in January.