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Bursary is available for Short Term Programmes for both DAS and non-DAS students with a diagnosis of dyslexia

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ArtVenture Programme

As we drive towards helping dyslexics achieve through the various programmes to support them, often dyslexics’ strengths are not accentuated. ArtVenture exists to complement the wide range of academic programmes we have to support our students, to recognise our students’ talents in art and to help them ignite their stories in various artistic forms. ArtVenture aspires to celebrate the uniqueness of art from a dyslexic’s perspectives and be an active voice of positive dyslexia through the use of art.

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ArtVenture – launched in 2016 as a platform for our students to showcase their passion and strengths, apart from their everyday academic pursues.  ArtVenture inculcates mindsets of positive dyslexia to the mass and strives to change the way people perceive ‘disadvantages’ found in having dyslexia to ‘advantages’, through a change of perspectives.


Each session will be planned to cover the areas shown below:

Learn Art Techniques Students to experiment with colours, form, line, shape, texture and value. An opportunity to explore a variety of creative art materials such as charcoal, oil pastels, watercolour, clay etc. This would
Explore Art Forms and Styles Students to explore art through both 2D and 3D. For example, painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, paper and fabric art, mosaics, and styles like Pop Art to Pointillism.
Discover Artists of the Past and the Present Students will learn about the art of classic artists such as Picasso and Rembrandt as well as contemporary artists such as wildlife artist Mort Solbert and Japanese artist who just had her exhibition here recently in the National Gallery Singapore, Yayoi Kusama.
Develop and Enhance Cognitive and Communication Skills Our art lessons help students build cognitive skills such as concept development, problem-solving, language, history, measurement, critical thinking, fine motor development and many other skills that can contribute to school success. In addition, students will be given a conducive environment to communicate their creative thoughts through their Artworks (to present and explain their artworks to their classmates and instructor).
Create self-awareness and Self-confidence Students make use of their imaginations to express ideas and originality through thought experiments and create unique artworks. These would help to develop self-confidence as their creativity soars.


What will students learn in the ArtVenture STP?
Please refer to the table below for the list of topics to be covered. Do note that the sequence of the topics is subjected to changes. Students are required to complete and present artwork at the end of these 10 sessions.
Week Title
1 Art of the Past and Present
Info on Project
Fundamentals 2D (Charcoal, Oil Pastels, Pencils) 
3 Fundamentals 2D (Acrylic Painting)
4 Fundamentals 2D (Oil Painting)
5 Fundamentals 2D (Watercolour)
6 Fundamentals 3D (Clay Sculpture, Pottery)
7 Fundamentals 3D (Wire Sculpture)
8 Aesthetic Inquiry
This session would provide the student with experience in the use of interpretive or philosophical modes of inquiry to explore and understand artworks and/or the means of their apprehension (e.g. mind, beliefs etc) as appropriate.
9 Touch up, Fine Tune
10 Touch up, Fine Tune
Presentation of Projects

Short Term Programme Details


Open to: Primary 1 to 3 students 
Duration of Class: 10 session x 1.5 hours each session


Date: 29 Mar to 31 May 2020, Every Sunday

Time: 3 pm to 4.30 pm

Course Fee (10 sessions):


(Bursary is available for Short Term Programmes for both DAS and non-DAS students with a diagnosis of dyslexia)

Payment to be made at the Learning Centres

Class Capacity: 8 students per class
Apply now: Click here 


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 View some of our past students' art pieces here!

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