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All places are taken up - Application is, therefore, closed for Term 4 



The Science Explorers Short Term Programmes in Term 3 & Term 4 2018 are designed to provide support for our Primary 3 & 4 students with the Science literacy, understanding of the science processes, vocabulary knowledge and application of the knowledge and skills to answer Science exam questions in a fun and interactive environment. 


The Science lesson will be focused on student-centred learning.  The educational therapist is the facilitator who will be responsive to the students’ learning needs and knows when and how to introduce students to ideas that will move them forward in their inquiry with multi-sensory activities.  The lesson will be structured and organized with inbuilt reinforcements. 

What will students learn in the Science STP?

In line with MOE syllabus, the Science themes such as Systems, Interactions, Cycles and Energy, are included in the respective programmes.  Through the inquiry-based learning (IBL) approach, students will learn to explore, discover, investigate, evaluate and elaborate on Science as an experiential learning in their daily lives, society and the environment.  In addition, parents will be provided with the Science experiments that they can conduct together with their child in the comfort of their homes as well as resources that they can use to reinforce their child’s learning.  

Some feedback from our parents whose children have attended our past Science Explorers classes!

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Short Term Programme Details


Open to: Primary 3 to 4 students from DAS
Duration of Class: 10 sessions x 1 hour per week for each term. (Note that different topics are covered in Term 3 and Term 4) 
There will be 3 classes available for Term 3 and 4, choose either one:

Start date: 11 Sep 2018 (Every Tuesday)

Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Venue: DAS Woodlands


Start date: 14 Sep 2018 (Every Friday)

Time: 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Venue: DAS Bishan


Start date: 15 Sep 2018 (Every Saturday)

Time: 3pm - 4pm

Venue: DAS Parkway Parade

Course Fee (10 sessions): $560.00 for 10 sessions
Class Capacity: 5 students per class
Apply now: Registration closed


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