All workshops are open to DAS and non-DAS students in pre-school, primary, secondary and post-secondary (up to 18 years old).


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March Holidays

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Date: 18 to 20 Mar, Mon to Wed
Learn a host of language and literacy skills through advanced speech and drama strategies.
• Students will define, articulate, express and verbalise thoughts.
• Build students’ vocabulary bank to express themselves effectively
• Encourage reading and deepen understanding of narrative passages
• Build confidence level in using figurative language in composition writing


Date: 19 Mar 2019, Tue

With the rising problems of fake news and online scams, how do we equip students to think sensibly when they are spending more and more time online?

Children are becoming more and more immersed in the digital world, therefore, it is important to educate the kids on how to engage in respectful communication and collaboration with unknown virtual audiences.

At the end of the workshop the children will be able to get a fair idea of how to:
1. Make an acceptable digital presence online.
2. Interact with content and other people online.
3. Make effective use of various technologies
available online.
4. Consume and contribute to our digital environment.
5. How well they can understand the online culture.


Date: 19 Mar 2019, Tue
Time: 1 pm to 3 pm
Price: $45 (include balloon bump and balloons)
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Our fascination with balloons never ends no matter how old we are. Come join us this holiday to learn how to create animals using balloons.

All participants will be given their own set of balloon pump and multiple coloured balloons to bring home at the end of the session. Wait no longer, let's gear up for a balloon of fun!


Session 1
Date: 19 Mar 2019, Tue
Is your child having problems memorising times table? Do you wish they could learn some ways to help them memorise better? Our maths team hears you! For this March Holidays only, we are calling students who wish to pick up a trick or two to help them learn and remember their times table easily and effectively. Open to all primary students!


As we continue to embrace dyslexia, we aim to produce and conduct workshops that focus on the strengths of our students with dyslexia.  The chart above provides an overview of the skill areas that workshops are designed and how the skills that each workshop focuses on can enhance the strength/s of our students with learning differences.  Each of these triads helps promote unconventional thinking among our students thereby helping them overcome their learning differences, by developing their own coping mechanism in their learning and their self-confidence.





March 2018 June 2017 Sept 2017 Nov/Dec 2017
Educational Drama  Write Compo Master Preposition with Mr Food Runner Common Maths Word Problems at the Standard Level
Brush Lettering for Beginners   Active and PassiveVoice Made Easy

Write Compo - Narrative

Ready, Steady, Go for K2 Students
Literacy through Drama Tell to Write - Moral Values    Bridging to Secondary 1 Maths
Create Handmade Greeting Cards Use of Different Heuristic Approaches Systematically    Social Skills - Getting Ready and Staying Happy in Primary School for K2 to P2 students
  Problem Solving Made Easy    Prep for Success - Interviewing Skills
  I can bake too!   Artangle
   Polymer Clay Pet Animals   Write it Right: Reflective Essay
  Educational Drama    Tell to Write - Moral Values 


March 2017 June 2017 Sept 2017 Nov/Dec 2017
The Science Explorers' Workshop   Let's Master Summary Writing ARTVENTURE: Polymer Clay Pizza 
Speak Up: Drama for Oral Communication  

Let's Explore Measurement! 

ARTVENTURE: Exploring String Art 
Let's Master Summary Writing   Active and Passive Voice Made Easy  Super Brain Yoga 
Artventure: Enter into the World of Manga    Artventure: Polymer Clay Pizza  Tell to Write (Moral Values) 
    Artventure: Van Gogh Goes Painting  Ready, Steady, Go! Primary Maths - Readiness for K2 Students
    Write Compo (Narrative)  Bridging to Secondary Maths 
    Artventure: Paint-a-Pollock  Social Skills Workshop 
      Prepare for Course Selection and Job Interview with Confidence 
      The Science Explorers' Workshop (Diversity) 
      Fun and Easy Pinyin


2016 Workshops
1 - 3 Dec Social Skills Workshop
28 - 30 Nov Write Compo
25 Nov Maths: Solving Problems Confidently
24 - 25 Nov Science Lab: Exploring Scientific Facts Through Experience
24 Nov Fun and Easy Pinyin
22 - 23 Nov ARTventure - Where fun and excitement begins
22 Nov Interactive Reading Comprehension for Preschoolers
22 Jun Active and Passive Voice Made Easy
20 Jun Train Your Brain
6 Jun Soar to Greater Heights with OCBC
1 & 2 Jun Prepare for Course Selection & Job Interview with Confidence
1 Jun Maths: Solving Problems Confidently
31 May Interactive Reading Comprehension for Preschoolers
31 May - 2 Jun Write Compo
30, 31 May & 1 Jun Speak Up: Drama for Oral Communication
16 Jan Creation Through Your Eyes: The Budding Art Prodigy Course
2015 Holiday Workshops
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5 Dec Skills for Solving Challenging Maths Problems
1 - 5 Dec Social Skills Workshop (P3 - S1)
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1 - 2 Dec Write It Right
26 Nov Tell to Write!
24 - 27 Nov Effective Presentation Skills
24 - 27 Nov Speak Up: Drama for Oral Communication