All workshops are open to DAS and non-DAS students in pre-school, primary, secondary and post-secondary (up to 18 years old).


Registration is open for the upcoming Holiday workshops.  


September and Nov/December Holiday Workshops

In the upcoming school holidays, we have planned 9 individual workshops for our students to enjoy! Join us this holiday!

Sep Holiday Workshop   Dec Holiday Workshop 02 min 

Short Term Programmes

The following Short Term Programmes will be running during our Sep/Dec Holidays as well.

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Dec 2019 English Compre V2 01 min  Dec 2019 Oral Exam Skills 01 2019 T4 Science Explorer 01 min 


Registration is open for all upcoming Holiday Workshops.



Date: 11 Sep 2019, Wednesday
Time: 10 am to 12.15 pm
Venue: DAS Bedok Learning Centre
Level: Primary 2 to 3
Price: $45
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Professor Goo has been spending MONTHS in his secret laboratory trying to concoct the ultimate slime, but he keeps messing up the prepositions! "Pour the glue below the bowl. Put 3 drops of food colouring around the spoon. ARGH! This doesn't look right! What a mess!" After much deliberation, Prof Goo is finally opening up his secret laboratory to new laboratory assistants. As his assistants, students will be required to help him overcome his confusion and create the ultimate slime together. Students will be in for an exciting and fun-filled time as they partake in multi-sensory activities while learning to use common prepositions correctly.


Date: 11 Sep 2019, Wednesday
Time: 9.30 am to 12 pm
Venue: DAS Chua Chu Kang Learning Centre
Level: Primary 5 to 6 (Standard)
Price: $50
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Some word problems in the P5 and P6 Standard Maths can be really long and challenging for students with dyslexia to solve. This workshop aims to equip them with some basic strategies to tackle questions commonly encountered and recognise which are the suitable heuristics that can be employed.

One of the focus will be on before-after questions that involve sequencing events and identifying changes that occur. Additionally, we will also visit questions that require making suppositions, which is a vital life-skill that demands systematic logical reasoning.


Date: 11 Sep 2019, Wednesday
Time: 10 am to 12.15 pm
Venue: DAS Jurong Point Learning Centre
Level: Primary 3 to 4
Price: $68

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Mr Food Runner is on a mission to prepare and deliver food to the correct place in the fastest time! However, he is confused with prepositions and is always lost along the way. Students will help Mr Food Runner overcome his confusion and fulfil his mission successfully by guiding him to prepare food and deliver it to the places he needs to go to using the correct prepositions. 

Students will be engaged in fun, multi-sensory and kinesthetic activities in learning to use common prepositions correctly!


Date: 9 to 11 Sep 2019, Monday to Wednesday
Time: 1 pm to 3 pm
Venue: DAS Bishan Learning Centre
Level: Primary 3 to 4
Price: $148

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Lack of ideas? Writing Lack Structure? Need help interpreting Composition Questions?

In this workshop, students are taught:
- How to break down model stories and recreate stories through hands-on and game-like activities.
- To attempt Composition Questions (New Syllabus).
- To construct grammatically correct sentences and improve sentence variety.

ARTVenture - notebook acrylic painting

Date: 12 Sep 2019, Thursday
Time: 1 pm to 3 pm
Venue: DAS Jurong Point Learning Centre
Level: 10 to 14 year-olds
Price: $58 (inclusive of art materials)

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Ignite your imagination with Acrylic Painting! ARTVenture brings to you a short holiday workshop to serve students who are looking for an avenue to express their creativity that they can show off to their friends. All students will get to bring back their very own notebook with their original artwork to be proud of. Come pick up some new painting techniques with our instructor today!




Date: 28 to 29 Nov 2019, Thurs to Fri
Time: 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Venue: DAS Serangoon Learning Centre
Level: Primary 3 to 5
Price: $385

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Conducted by our Speech and Language Therapists, social communication is a growing need among our children who sometimes find difficulty expressing themselves. As our society becomes more digitised and our children warped up in ICT, opportunities for interaction are less than many years back. Social Communication for Growing Kids workshop uses explicit role-play and modelling to help children speak and know what to speak to help build their self-esteem. 


Date: 28 to 29 Nov 2019, Thurs to Fri
Time: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
Venue: DAS Serangoon Learning Centre
Level: K2 to Primary 2
Price: $385

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Through games, role play and other practical activities conducted by experienced Speech and Language Therapists, your child will learn the Dos and Don'ts on how to be a good conversation partner, friend and team player and be assertive in positive ways.


Date: 27 to 28 Nov 2019, Wed to Thurs
Time: 10 am to 12 pm
Venue: DAS Ang Mo Kio Learning Centre
Level: K2
Price: $78

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Is your child ready for Primary 1? From writing numbers to paying for lunch at recess, these are essential pre-primary maths skills that will make your child be more confident and competent in his or her new schooling environment. In this two-day workshop, we will cover their understanding of numbers as well as money through a multi-sensorial approach. The students will have a lot of fun learning and reinforcing these mathematical concepts. So let get ready, steady, go!


Date: 27 to 28 Nov 2019, Wed to Thurs
Time: 2 pm to 4.30 pm
Venue: DAS Bishan Learning Centre
Level: P6 Graduates
Price: $68

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Still struggling with Secondary Mathematics? Join our bridging workshop that gives you head start in tackling maths in secondary school. This workshop is conducted over two days and covers the following concepts: - Prime Numbers
- Factors and Multiples
- Index notation
- Squares and Square Roots
- Positive and Negative Numbers
- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of integers




As we continue to embrace dyslexia, we aim to produce and conduct workshops that focus on the strengths of our students with dyslexia.  The chart above provides an overview of the skill areas that workshops are designed and how the skills that each workshop focuses on can enhance the strength/s of our students with learning differences.  Each of these triads helps promote unconventional thinking among our students thereby helping them overcome their learning differences, by developing their own coping mechanism in their learning and their self-confidence.





June 2019
Mathster Chef
Common Maths Problem Solving
Four Little Silly Zebras
Literact Through Drama
6-6 Day Camp
March 2019
Literacy Through Drama
Digital Citizenship for Kids
Balloon Sculpting for Beginners
Times Table Tricks



November/December 2018
Common Maths Word Problems at the Standard Level
Ready, Steady, Go for K2 Students
Bridging to Secondary 1 Maths
Social Skills - Getting Ready and Staying Happy in Primary School for K2 to P2 students
Prep for Success - Interviewing Skillsp
Write it Right: Reflective Essay
Tell to Write - Moral Values
Fun with Chinese
September 2018
Master Preposition with Mr Food Runner
Write Compo - Narrative
June 2018
Write Compo
Active and Passive Voice Made Easy
Tell to Write - Moral Values
Use of Different Heuristic Approaches Systematically
Problem Solving Made Easy
I can bake too!
Polymer Clay Pet Animals
Educational Drama
March 2018
Educational Drama
Brush Lettering for Beginners
Brush Lettering for Beginners
Create Handmade Greeting Cards



November/ December 2017
ARTVENTURE: Polymer Clay Pizza
ARTVENTURE: Exploring String Art
Super Brain Yoga
Tell to Write (Moral Values)
Ready, Steady, Go! Primary Maths - Readiness for K2 Students
Bridging to Secondary Maths
Social Skills Workshop
Prepare for Course Selection and Job Interview with Confidence
The Science Explorers' Workshop (Diversity)
Fun and Easy Pinyin
September 2017
Let's Master Summary Writing
Let's Explore Measurement!
Active and Passive Voice Made Easy
Artventure: Polymer Clay Pizza
Artventure: Van Gogh Goes Painting
Write Compo (Narrative)
Artventure: Paint-a-Pollock
March 2017
The Science Explorers' Workshop
Speak Up: Drama for Oral Communication
Let's Master Summary Writing
Artventure: Enter into the World of Manga